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About kbooks

Member since February 2010

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Active Listings: 71,102 (click here to see my for sale/trade listings.)

About Me:

One of the first things you’ll notice about kbooks is the real sense of family we bring to the business of selling quality books via a user-friendly online bookstore. We have been selling used and new books since 1990.

We started selling books on the internet in 1996. We changed to exclusively online in January 2005 as “ kbooks online”. By 2009 we had reached an average of 85 books ordered online per day, seven days a week.

Our inventory has continued to grow. Today we have over 50,000 books in our data base of which over 26,000 are unique titles. Our family run business has now expanded from the original two family members to include 6 staff members and a third family member.

kbooks is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with two locations. The main location is in Toronto and a branch operation based in Niagara Falls, NY. It is from the Niagara Falls location that we mail directly through the USPS to customers based in the USA.


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