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Item Number:  03483598



Seven Sacraments, The


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Seller Name: From the Abbey
Member since 1/2010
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Location: Arpin, Wisconsin, United States

Listing Date: 12/29/2010



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Title: Seven Sacraments, The Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company
Author: Lawrence G. Lovasik Publication Date: 1978
Binding/Format: Softcover Edition:
Condition: New ISBN: 0899422780
Inventory #: 216    


The Seven Sacraments offers a complete lesson on Christ's institution of the seven sacraments; Give your children a head start in their catechesis. The Seven Sacraments offers a complete lesson on Christ's institution of the seven sacraments, including definitions of sanctifying and actual grace. Father Lovasik explains the definition of sacrament, and then for each sacrament teaches about the scriptural foundation and the matter and form (though he doesn't use these terms) . He ends with a wonderful summary of what the sacraments do for us and a family prayer to bring the power of the sacraments into the home.; 32 pages; 6  currently in stock;" border="0">



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