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Item Number:  34349546



Selected Readings in Cultural Anthropology


Price: US$ 45.00

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Seller Name: Phoenix Books\Joannes Used Books
Member since 1/2010
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Location: Los Banos, California, United States

Listing Date: 7/31/2018



Item Description


Title: Selected Readings in Cultural Anthropology Publisher: Cognella
Author: Barata Data Publication Date: 2012
Binding/Format: Spiral Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good ISBN: 9781609275136
Inventory #: 005044    


Selected Readings in Cultural Anthropology by Barata, Data Cognella, 2012, stated lst., ISBN:9781609275136 Spiral bound in good condition. Text is clean and unmarked, binding tight, all spirals and pages in place nothing torn or loose.   This book contains serious readings on Cultural Anthropology. Chapters are: I can't even open my mouth, Expletive Deleted, Local ingenuity, Where fat is mark of beauty, Richard handler, the ideas guy, The adaptive Value of Religious Ritual, In defense of globalization, Globalization Threat or Opportunity and Family Connections. Biography, brief by of chapter authors, 166 pages.





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