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Item Number:  33931183



Psychological Approaches to the Biography of Genius


Price: US$ 45.00

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Seller Name: Phoenix Books\Joannes Used Books
Member since 1/2010
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Location: Los Banos, California, United States

Listing Date: 5/11/2015



Item Description


Title: Psychological Approaches to the Biography of Genius Publisher: Eugenics Society
Author: Teman Lewis Publication Date: 1947
Binding/Format: Soft Cover Edition: First Edition
Condition: Good    
Inventory #: 004071    


Psychological Approaches to the Biography of Genius, by Terman Lewis Eugenics Society/Hamish Hamilton, First Edition  Softcover in good condition, text is clean and unmarked, biding tight, there is a notation in ink on title page. Cover is clean and shows little signs of wear.   Terman was a professor at Stanford Univ., and wrote several books on child psychology as well being known and a popular speaker. A lot of what is in this book was presented at the 1940 Pacific Division of American A.A.S..  Additional pages were added in this 1947 edition. He is dealing with how does one spot a true genius and what makes a true genius.   24 pages.  





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