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Item Number:  29944931



Trading Spaces: Color!


Price: US$ 7.98

Seller Information

Seller Name: kbooks
Member since 2/2010
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Listing Date: 11/16/2012



Item Description


Title: Trading Spaces: Color! Publisher: TLC
Author: Publication Date: 3785
Binding/Format: Paperback Edition:
Condition: Very Good ISBN: 696217260
Inventory #: mon0000074411    


"() Tours more than 20 Trading Spaces locations across the U.S. to inspire readers Readers will learn the latest decorating and design techniques showcased on Trading Spaces, while exploring alternative ideas to achieve the custom look they want Uses a series of before and after pictures to show how adding color in various ways can change the mood of an entire room Unique Trading Spaces Toolbox sidebars will help readers build the attitudes and skills necessary for successfully transforming ''blah'' into beautiful'' ID: mon0000074411"  



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CA$ 4.00 - First Book
CA$ 3.00 - Each Additional
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CA$ 7.00 - First Book
CA$ 6.00 - Each Additional

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